About LukArte

Lukarte is a Spanish-Irish illustrator with a peculiar passion for Egyptian culture and mythology. Having studied art at the National College of Art & Design in Dublin, and Egyptology at both the University of Barcelona and Pennsylvania State University, she has established herself not just as a talented niche artist, but also as an authority on all aspects of ancient Egyptian civilisation.

LukArte's illustrations are truly unique. She uses various techniques to age the paper into a parchment before applying her rich, intricate designs using a variety of mediums from pencil to markers and paint.

Her designs are inspired from many famous inscriptions, and also from her own interpretations of Egyptian history and mythology. The quality and depth of her work can truly be appreciated on closer inspection of the artwork. (Click on any gallery image to zoom in)

As well as her Egyptian art, LukArte also produces hand-made books for children. For more information, get in touch with her directly here.

Contact LukArte

Send a message to Lukarte with this form, or via email to mydubisis@gmail.com

A portrait of beautiful Queen Nefertiti. Size: 50cm wide x 68.5cm. Price: €450
"Music" [SOLD]
A music and dance scene. Size: 93cm wide x 39cm. Price: €340